My Family

My Family

Hello,Im Arreessa and this is my family.My dad’s name is Muhammad FAiz.He works as a bussniess man,i love my dad he always helps me with alot of stuff.My mom’s name is Ainul Fazidlah.My mom works as a bussniess woman.i love my mom’s cooking <3

I have two sisters,il introduce you to one of them first.My first little sisters name is Ariana Maryam,Maryam is 7 year old.Her hobbies are riding a bike,colouring and drawing.Her favourite colour is GREEN.My second little sisters name is Aqeela Dahlia.Dahlia is 4 year old.Her hobbies are watching tv,playing with toys and colouring.Her favourite colour is PINK.My name is Arreessa Zulaikha.Im 11 years old.My hobbies are reading,drawing and riding my bike.My favourite colour is PURPLE.

A picture when we were little :>

I love my family,for me family means someone whos with you forever and ever <3

A picture of my whole family 🙂

Thats all for now,bai have a great day


Arreessa Zulaikha <33

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